Hi, my name is Lisandra.

I am a wife and a mama of a sweet  baby girl living in Orlando, Florida. I love everything about fitness, summer days and family. I grew up in Cuba and at 18 years old my dad was able to bring us to America, leaving hardship behind once and for all. Just a few holidays ago I decided to make custom gifts in the form of wood round boards for family and friends to give for the season. Gifts that were meaningful, intentional and handmade to perfection. That’s how The Closing Gift by Hilton was born. After seeing the family’s reaction when opening these pieces I knew I had found a way to serve people. From a mancave board to a sweet nursery sign to a real estate closing gift, I am here to make something special for your family or client that they will always remember you for and proudly hang at their home for years to come.